Mesoamerican reef diaries. Cozumel

These photos are from my recent dive in Columbia caves. The visibility was not perfect, but after the photos show the opposite.

I went diving twice after I broke my camera (yes, with the broken camera – it still works); and either it started performing better or I got to be more attentive to my settings, but the colours here were incredibly deep. Unfortunately I cannot shoot macro now without having it repaired and will have to carry only my fisheye lens underwater 😦

I broke my camera about a week ago – it fell with right the tripod with a heavy lens mounted on it… The lens seems to be okay, but it tore out the lens mount and damaged some parts inside. We put everything in place and the camera is still alive, but of course is far from mint condition. But it’s enough nagging from me.

There are so few lion fish here that I nearly wish to see more of them! One say that groupers and other predators started to prey on them and that’s what helped to bit their invasion.


Lionfish ©Marina Kudrya

I call this “the mayan head”. It’s a profile with the right side being a face; a dark red coral below is a jaw and the upper one is nose with the lips between them. Can you also see it?


The mayan head ©Marina Kudrya 

I finally have a good picture of a green moray eel! This is taken in El Cedral; at one point at the end of the dive there is a rock where these buds can be found – they are always there – a nurse shark and this moray. Maybe it’s not just a symbiotic cohabitation, but a friendship? 😉


Green moray eel ©Marina Kudrya

Turtles are the often guests on the second dives; they are usually found in shallower areas feeding. Hawksbill turtles are very common here, but a few times we saw green ones.


Hawksbill turtle ©Marina Kudrya

This is it for today. In case you were interested in what I do when not diving, stay tuned!


Coral formation ©Marina Kudrya

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